Privacy Policy: Unless our app states in it's own privacy policy, our apps do not collect any data from the device in use. Webdata Design Group servers are safe and secured.

Account Creation: Webdata Design Group (W.D.D.G) accounts are free and safe.
Our websites and tablet apps that utilize social networking, use our own protected account system.
If you have created an account with us on any of our websites or tablet apps, then you will not need to create an account to use any of our other applications.

Creating an account is easy and safe.
Type in a username, this is the name the network will show. An example would be-Happy Sam
Enter your VALID email address. Friend linking works by looking for email addresses, not usernames.
Then enter a password. (note: this is NOT asking for your email password)

We will not sell/share your information with anyone. We strive to keep you safe.
Contact us with any additional questions, concerns or comments